Nash Metropolitan at Raleigh

On December 7 - 8, 1953, The Nash Motor Company tested their new economy car, which would become the Metropolitan, at Raleigh Speedway. Two cars, serial numbers 1009 and 1013, were tested for speed endurance and fuel economy respectively. The tests were run and certified by NASCAR as an independent party to gather data to be used in sales literature.

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Excerpt from Metropolitan History Timeline

24 Hour test at Raleigh N.C.

E1008, Body 1009, 542, P907/P903, Engine 1G 892557, - Speed endurance.

E1013, Body 1013, 542, P907/P903, Engine 1G 894107, - Economy trial.

Shipments for 1953 – 743

NASCAR Endurance Report


1954 Nash Metropolitan Sales Advertisement Without Audio (Raleigh Speedway is featured from 1:04 to 1:57)